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conspiracy car

Conspiracy Car, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, 15


Wo ist eigentlich Fantomas, 14

Das Ende des 21. Jh, 05

funny bombs, 05

Das Ende des 21. Jh., 05


Post Colonial Flagship Store, MQ Vienna,14

UN-fountain, MQ Vienna, 15

great work of art, Kunstinvasion, Berlin 2008


born 1969 in Kassel, lives in Berlin, Germany. Sven Kalden graduated in free art / sculpture in 1999 from the Academy of Art in Berlin-Weißensee, and currently works as a freelance artist and assistant professor for architecture and urban planning at the BTU-Cottbus.

Since 1996 he has participated in various exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

In his work, Kalden deals with the visual sediments of present crises, conflicts and power structures. The found footage or media clichés serve as vehicles, which – through their 3D-transformation and reduction to the scale of a model – are filtered and put into a new context.


I´m as mad as hell, model, 2010