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exhibition. Graben Graben

date. 2016

place. Körnerpark, Berlin

info. curated and produced by Ingeborg Lockemann, Roswitha van den Driesch and Sven Kalden

support. Senat Chancellery forCultural Affairs

artists. Sammy Baloij (DRK), Shlomit Bauman (IL), Oliver van den Berg (GER), Roswitha van den Driesch/Jens Uwe Dyffort (GER), Anna Lena Grau (GER), Hendrik Liebmann (GER), Sven Kalden (GER), Ingeborg Lockemann (GER)

Sammy Baloij

“Hunting and Collecting,” Sammy Baloji’s continually expanding artistic research project, investigates modes of economic exploitation in the Congo as well as their forms of visual representation.

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