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title. Mappa dell´Inferno (mine)

date. 2018

place. Benjamin Contemorary Ceramics Centre, Tel Aviv

material. 3D Print, plaster polymer

size. 40,8 x 25,2 x 20,3 cm

3D production. Anastasiia Zhukovetc


The work refers to the work of Sandro Botticellis "Mappa dell´Inferno" (Chart of hell) which he painted in Florence at the end of the 15th century. Botticelli made a kind of illustration of Dantes "Divina Commedia" (The Divine Comedy) from the early 14th century.

Botticelli lays out his "Mappa" in a way that appears like a modern cut-away-view from an open-pit-mine. 

The axis runs from Jerusalem through the middle of the earth to the opposite side of the globe where a high mountain (Purgatory) is piled up.

In that sense, Dante knew that if there is an extraction there must also be an accumulation somewhere else.

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